Sealing Service Teaching 2016 – East London

Scriptures Romans 8

You can see God being in spirit dwelling in flesh. You are in spirit when inside you the spirit of God operates or rules over you. If a person lacks the spirit of Christ, this tells us that many do not have this spirit of Christ is not His. Christ is the son of God.The spirit of Christ is over rules the flesh once it captivates you. Some people do not commit sins but they are in sin, their flesh is dead. When it is said that the flesh dies in the presence of sins they think that it is because they committed too much sin. Mathew 7 verse 21 testifies that many will not enter the kingdom of God but only the does of the will of God. The painful part is when they come forward and say in your name Lord we casted out demons in your name. The Lord says I will chase you away for I did not send them to do those evil works Even though you are doing wonderful works but God is not impressed for He did not send you to do all the miracles you did. When you enter the church for the first time the first thing you are taught by the Deacon is to cast out demons. He wants you to make you a witness of what he accepted. He only says you must use trinity, the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. 

This is done just to strengthen the faith of the brother. People have no sin in their understanding but they are in sin for they are doing works for God but they have not been sent & in God’s eyes those are evil works. They are not dead but are in death. Mathew 10 vs 40 testifies to what God wants. He wants people to seek for Apostles once they have heard the word. Once you hear Apostles you enter life and no longer in death for they are favoured by God. Those who hear Apostles have heard Jesus. Acts 8vs 14 says men were sent to the Samaritans that heard the Word. Without Apostles they cannot be removed from sins. Apostle Peter prayed upon them to receive the Holy Spirit for upon hearing the word they never got the Holy Spirit. Jesus disciples (70) once got excited for healing people and casting out demons but Jesus said to them that should not excite them but must be happy to have their names written in the book of life. A person can heal people but still be in darkness. Only those who drink my blood & eat my blood have life is what Jesus said. In the laying on of Apostle’s hand the Holy Spirit descends, only a person you love & have accepted touched your head. Without the spirit of Christ you are not part of God’s children.

The spirit of God shouldn’t be kept in isolation but must be given a place in you to work. Sealing service is the day of fulfilment a day of Pentecost. Once the spirit is accepted by a person a place of worship is established (temple of God). Once you accept the Holy Spirit you see spiritual things & things of the spiritual world are revealed unto you. Once you seek the Apostle you are a step closer to being removed from sin. The spirit of Christ is not received at any other way not even in an Apostle’s house. Holy Spirit is the spirit of unity many people must be in one room in unity & in prayer so that a person can tap into spirit & allow God to lead. 

The spirit Christ in the one that descended to Jesus in a form of a dove when Jesus was baptised. Jesus prays that people may know the only true God & dismissed being a righteous person. Christ is the spirit of resurrection & removes you from sin. Jesus was a messenger bringing Christ to the people through understanding giving us the Holy Spirit to cleanse us. In the bible Jesus says I am ascending to my father to request the comforter which is the Holy Spirit. We need to love each other & be able to assist each other in carrying the cross & forgiving sins of other people for the manner in which you judge you shall be judged the same. Forgiving has nothing to do with the person next to you but only yourself.

The spirit dwells in the teaching given by the Apostle through his servant. We are saved by the grace which is the spirit of God. The Holy spirit cleanses our sins. John 1 says God is the spirit whoever worships God must worship Him in spirit & in truth. You can never begin to worship God without the Holy Spirit. You cannot enter into the spirit when the spirit is absent. This is an issue of being in spirit & not only merely having it. Only the 10 commandments are written word of God & is the only one not the bible compiled by people in 1634. 

A person should not enter the sealing service bearing grudges & having not prepared a place for forgiveness you will attract ill mannered souls & will be far worse for the whole year. Judgement is not what you have done but what is in your thoughts. The mind must yield good thoughts at this time & find time to forgive. At this sealing service whilst seating down invite God to bless you with peace to fulfil his convenant over you. Holy Spirit is a spirit that fills what you have it doesn’t just come down from nowhere. The Holy Spirit doesn’t dwell in a heart that refuses to forgive. Holy Spirit will guide you in the days of your life.